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Paul Larricart

Paul Larricart

I grew up between the mountains and the sea. I am a graphic designer and illustrator by formation and a painter by vocation. I am fascinated by printmaking techniques such as stencilling or screen-printing. My work is influenced by different manifestations and practices derived from counter-cultures: from Russian constructivism to comics, from pop art to punk music, from Japanese etching to skateboarding. I live and work in London.

How I describe my work

After years of experimentation Paul developed a unique method of work. somewhere in between collage and stencil which is characterized by being voluntarily ill defined. Influenced by Russian Constructivism, which stresses the impossibility of interpretation and rejects the western philosophical tradition of seeking certainty through reasoning, Paul's recent work is an exploration of his consciousness, a personal psychological interpretation of shapes which create dreamlike metaphors that take the viewer into a graphic universe of icons diverted from their original connotations.

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