Q. What shipping company do you use?
For UK deliveries which are FREE over £100 we use FEDEX or UPS or Royal Mail  tracked, signed for and insured services. For Overseas orders we use the same again tracked, signed for and insured.

Q. Do you actually have the stock shown physically on your website in your possession?
Yes, we own everything we sell – nothing is taken on ‘consignment’ which means it is actually owned by someone else and just sold by galleries on a commission basis. ( Common practise ).
So you can be assured of the item’s provenance and condition as stated, we are always happy to provide more information prior to purchase, even a video of the piece by request.

Q. How much is Shipping to Europe & ROW?
Europe is £25 and ROW £40 ( Typically for 1 item ) If you want to buy more than one item please email us to get a shipping quote.

Q. What packaging do you use?
We get asked lots of questions about Packaging. We try and use Recycled packaging as much as possible, we source used tubes/boxes from art shops and even shoe stores utilising as much as we can rather than using new. So don’t be surprised if your art comes in a Nike shoe box or that the tubes might have been round the globe once or twice. What you can be assured of is that your products will be professionally packed to arrive in PERFECT condition for you to frame or display.

Q. How do I validate an Investables issued Certficate of Authenticity?
Simply send an email to [email protected] with a photo of the certificate and details of item for verification.

Q. Can I pay by credit card/debit card independently without using PayPal?
PayPal is our secure payment provider. You can pay using a credit or debit card as long as that card is not linked to a PayPal account. If it is linked to a PayPal account you will be prompted to login to that account to pay.
We also now have a STRIPE facility which is outside of PAYPAL which will you to simply use your credit/debit card directly and securely.

Q. Where can I find out about your Privacy Policy?
It is at the bottom of the webpage.

Q. Do you have a review or testimonial section from existing customers?
Please navigate to top menu on home page entitled TESTIMONIALS.

Q. How and where is your art stored?
Everything is stored in a temperature controlled store room flat packed and out of light to ensure it is as crisp as the day it was made by the artist.

Q. Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity with each piece of Art?
Yes we do, we can categorically certficate everything we sell as it has been sourced personally from the actual artist in 99.9% of cases by our owner/curator Steve who personally signs and stamps the COA’s.

Q. Will you offer investment/collecting advise if I want to start an art collection?
Yes of course simply call or email to speak with Steve – Investing comes with the usual risks and of course it is purely advice so do with it what you will, we cannot be held responsible if you purchase something from us on these grounds that in future years goes down and not up in value. However we only select artists that we believe to be highly collectable & investable.

Q. Can you provide a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?
We provide a COA with each item, view an example below.